International Mother Language day

Celebrate International Mother Language day by gifting an International Mobile Recharge.

I am a solo backpacker traveling all around the world for the last 10 years. Travelling helped me to learn about people, culture, places, history and their languages. I am blessed that today I have a diversified knowledge basket about so many experiences, languages and things I could never have unless I traveled. I have always found the necessity of International Mobile Recharge to keep me connected with my friends and family. Last February, I was on my South America Trip to visit Machu Picchu, and I remember the date. It was 21st February, the International Mother Language Day. I was happy to have my footstep on the foreign land to explore the most diversified country enriched with different cultures from the indigenous communities. The importance of International Mother Language Day could be seen and felt everywhere on that day. Basically, on International Mother Language Day, the focus is to speak in the language, the first language that children learn from their Mother. I found travelers opting for International Mobile Recharge and getting connected with their families.

Any international traveler like me has to stay away from their friends and families for months. International Mobile Recharge is therefore very important to me. International Mother Language day brings in a golden opportunity to connect up with everyone back home in my native country. I was pretty excited to call, connect up and share mobile credits with all on that day through an International Mobile Recharge, as I saw people are spending time on their phones speaking. Doing an International Mobile Recharge could be challenging indeed when you are into a remote travel place like I was. However, when one of my fellow travelers shared with me the link of this website I am guest-writing on, who specialized in International Mobile Recharge. He was from Australia and his wife ran out of mobile balance. He told me within three simple clicks he can recharge his wife’s mobile number while staying on an International tour and the money got credited in less than ten seconds. That was amazing indeed as I never imagined having such flexibility and convenience on International Mobile Recharge to recharge mobiles back in my home country with such ease and flexibility.

International Mother Language Day is really important to celebrate for everyone in this world. The world and UNESCO are concerned that 50% of the languages spoken today, out of 7000 would vanish in the next century. This is a real threat and an area of concern for all of us. I still remember the first few words what my Mom taught me that allowed me to learn other languages. So it is always easy to gift a prepaid mobile credit through International Mobile Recharge and stay talking in your native tongue. Even in schools, only a few among these large numbers of mother languages got recognized to get included in the curriculums. A country may be willing to choose one language mostly spoken and include that in their curriculum as the official language, but what about the other local languages? It is indeed getting faded slowly.

On my solo trip to Machu Picchu, I saw few travelers from South Africa speaking in English with their family and friends, but I never saw anyone speaking in Swati, Zulu, Venda or Tsonga. All of these are native African languages or the Mother Languages which they might have learned during childhood from their mother. While traveling or studying internationally it can be tough to keep your native language polish, but by simply doing an International Mobile Recharge and spend some time speaking with your family in your native language can be a great source of making sure you don’t forget your native language. It is important we practice it, and the best way to do it is to get connected with friends and families that speaks the same language whether they are abroad or close to us. A lot of immigrants leave their native country for the West for better opportunities, but we leave loved ones behind. International Mother Language Day, is a great day to remind us about our roots, and the ones we left behind. International Mother Language day is, therefore, a great day to celebrate and promote International Mobile Recharge. The only challenge you may face at times when traveling abroad is a way to stay connected with your loved ones, but it is a worry that easily is taking care of by using loura’s site or mobile applications (ios, or Android) to send a mobile credit.

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International Mother Language day is a, therefore, a great occasion to get connected with everyone you remember from your childhood. It can be your parents, your siblings, your friends, and or even your teachers. Show them your appreciation on this day by surprising them with a mobile top-up. Remember heart to heart connection is very important, and language is the best medium to get connected. Just close your eyes and imagine the smile on their face when they receive your message about your mobile credit gift.

International Mother Language Day is a great occasion to brush up your roots. Today, over 40 percentages of the population studies in a language different from their mother language. There is no choice left in front of us because to secure a job, a better career we have to learn languages that are widely spoken. In the race of life, we often forget our routes. The native mother language is getting extinct slowly in this way unless and until we take progressive steps to protect it.
International Mother Language day is, therefore, a great occasion to keep the cultural diversity alive through sharing our cultures with others, and teaching them our language.

Happy international mother day
Happy international mother day

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