International Mobile Recharge

What is an International Mobile Recharge?


International mobile recharge is the transfer of mobile credit by a person living in one place, to a family member or a friend living abroad. This service of payment transfer is also known as international mobile remittance or international top-up or even international mobile airtime recharge, and is often considered as a safe, easy, and quick way of sharing mobile airtime electronically.

Mobile recharge services allows you to connect to your loved ones, even when you are roaming, or when you are on the other side of the world. It helps you top-up your own credit and that of your friend and keeps you in touch with them when they have no or low balance.

International Mobile Airtime Remittance:

The most extensively used remittance service is the international mobile airtime recharge. It works the same way as when you are sending money, flowers or cards as a present to your family. The basic standard for the payment transfer on which airtime remittance operates is prepaid billing, where you pay upfront for the provided service and have various ways for refilling. The process, often, is quite simple and connects the airtime remitter and receiver. It involves taking the money and adding it to the prepaid mobile account of the end-user who is in another country. The person who is remitting the money first selects the country, then the network, the mobile account number of the receiving person and finally the amount that is to be refilled, all of which executes within seconds.

Reasons why people love to top-up for their loved ones?

  • International mobile recharge or top-up credit is the easiest way to remain connected to your family abroad when they lack access to easy recharging solutions.
  • The process is simple and easy. Normally it takes two to three steps to execute which is generally completed within seconds.
  • It doesn’t matter that where you’re located: you can make money transfers globally.
  • Mobile credit is almost instant. There is also a plus point of top-up credit that you always remain in the peace of mind with the thought that you can connect your loved ones at any time i.e. without having to worry whether their phone carries balance or not.
  • Though the money transfer takes place internationally, extra deductions for the transfer are nominal enabling anyone to afford without having any inconvenience. Moreover, it also makes it affordable for the business persons and prevents them from the outrageous fees of making remittances for smaller tasks such as recharging.

Leading online Recharge Services:

Mobile recharge can be made by using a variety of available online websites. All these websites can recharge your prepaid mobile account anytime. These websites generally provide a good service with some additional benefits like recharge deals, cash backs etc.

International mobile recharge
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Who is Loura – Mobile Recharge

We here at serves mostly immigrants in the United States. We are an online mobile recharge service provider mainly focusing its services across North America, but is available internationally, transforming itself into a globally renowned platform for online mobile recharge after our steady expansion. The main purpose of our establishment was to facilitate our customers of African and South American immigrants with their online mobile top-up for their loved ones.

We are a type of online recharge platform that works 24/7 and proved the facility of top ups not only within the same country but also globally through international airtime remittances. Our website and mobile apps for iOS and Android makes the top ups safe and accessible for the users by assuring authorized transactions.  Using our website or apps, our customers can use all leading credit and debit cards for making secured payments, and quickly delivering a mobile top-up to any phone number.

Benefits of International Recharge:

Much like we have discussed earlier in detail, International mobile recharge or top-up is a friendly solution for a person living abroad to remain connected to his family or friends. Some of the key benefits these services provides includes:

  • The process is quick and convenient

  • It saves a person the hassle of having to avoid expensive remittance which one would have to execute in case top up were not available.
  • Delivery of mobile top-up occurs within seconds to the phone number. In case of an unusual delay, the successful processing of the top up is confirmed by an email.  
  • There is a proper display of the amount of top-up after the entry of a phone number. It will also display fees for deliver of the mobile top-up and the total amount to be received by the phone in their local currency.