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This page displays our most frequently asked questions about our prepaid mobile recharge.

  1. How can I recharge my prepaid mobile?
    • There are 2 ways you can recharge any prepaid mobile top-up.  You can use our website or download our mobile application for iOS or android.
    • Follow these short and easy steps:
      • Enter your prepaid mobile number
      • Select your Top Up amount
      • Select your payment option and pay
      • Top Up delivered, and you are done with it!
  2. Can I recharge my postpaid number and pay utility bills 
    • At the moment we do not support the option to pay your postpaid bill payment through our system.  Please stay tuned, as we are currently working on this feature.
  3. How will I know that the recharge order was successful?
    • Once your top-up has been delivered you will receive an in-app or browser confirmation.  You will also receive an email receipt for all successful deliveries.  You can also, see all of your previous top-ups on your History page through your account.
  4. Do I need an account to send a mobile top-up?
    • Yes, an account is required to send a mobile top-up to anywhere.
  5. Can I cancel my recharge order and get a refund?
    • Unfortunately, once a top-up is placed and delivery is  successful – we cannot cancel or process a refund.
  6. What payment methods can I use?
    • We support all major credit/debit cards for payments on our platform.  No cash/card or gift cards are available as a payment method for prepaid charges.
  7. My mobile top-up failed, but payment was debited out of my account.  Will I receive a refund?
    • In most scenarios,  if the details entered for your recharge is valid then your top up will be successful.  However, if the details entered was incorrect, the payment will go through but the recharge will fail at the operator’s end.  In this instance, we will refund your funds back to the original payment source.
  8. Are there any mobile top-up limits for recharges?
    • Yes, there are purchase limits in place for mobile top-ups.  In case our system detects multiple recharges placed through the same account, we reserve the right (in our sole discretion) to cancel any recharge order without providing any prior notice to you.
  9. Do I receive an invoice for my mobile top-up order?
    • We don’t provide invoices for mobile top-ups, but you can see all your top-ups history in your account.

Prepaid Mobile Recharge Frequently Asked Questions  –  If you have more questions please visit our Help Center that is frequently updated.

Last Updated On February 21, 2019