Couple ideas to show you care

Lets talk about couple ideas to show you care with Loura today!  Whether it’s your parents, sibling, friend, cousin, or even that one person who’s been there for you, thoughtful gestures can mean a lot.   While there are a number of ways to show someone you’re thinking about them, one easy way is to use Loura. A sweet text message with a few bucks top-up is a fast and easy way to let someone in your life know you care.

Some few ideas to show you care with Loura:

  1. To the dad and mom who got you to where you are today: Send them a top-up with Loura to show your appreciation.
  2. To the one person who always went above and beyond for you: Send them top-up with Loura.
  3. To the friend going through a hard time: Let her or him know you care with a supportive note and a top-up with Loura.
  4. To your brother who lives across the country or globe who just had a baby: Send him a mobile top-up so he can keep sharing those cute baby pictures with the world.
  5. To your college kid who just aced her final exam: Show how proud you are and send her or him a mobile top-up to connect with their friends and family.

You can quickly, easily, and securely let the special people in your life know you’re thinking about them with Loura.

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couple ideas to show you care